Wedding Day Tips for Florida Brides

Ladies, we all have dreamed at one point or another about that gorgeous beach wedding right on the edge of the water. You can’t help it. There is just an inevitable romance and charm about the thought of a beach wedding in Florida.

But tieing the knot in the sunshine state sometimes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. There are some things to keep in mind that can literally rain on your wedding day parade.

With over 12 years of being a Florida wedding photographer, I’ve seen my fair share of beach wedding mishaps. It’s become an essential part of my client experience to educate my brides on what works and what does not work for beach weddings in Florida. And now, I am sharing the knowledge!

Avoid these common hair mishaps

Probably the most OVERLOOKED problem my brides face on their wedding day is not understanding that beaches in Florida are windy. Some days are worse than others, but you will ALWAYS have the wind blowing during your beach wedding. If you opt for an outdoor ceremony but wear your hair down long, that means your hairstyle will likely be utterly windblown before you even make it to your groom down the aisle!

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Windy Wedding Day Hair Tips:

  • Avoid the problem altogether and wear a classy updo – and don’t forget the extra hair spray!
  • If you must have the beach waves look, try to avoid long tendrils of curls near your face. They will fall out with the wind, it’s inevitable!
  • Consider doing a private first look away from the beach so you get gorgeous portraits without having to worry about the wind.
  • On top of your hair stylist’s hair spray, consider adding an extra layer of protection with this frizz-fighting humidity setting spray. I use it myself, and it has completely changed my life!

Don’t underestimate the Florida heat

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When you get married out in the sand on the beach, consider the time of day to get the best images. Is your venue east-facing or west-facing? White sand and water are both natural sun reflectors. When you are out on the beach in the middle of a hot Florida day, the sun us continuously reflecting into the faces and eyes of you and your wedding guests. And unfortunately, there is no shade to keep you protected.

I have seen brides, grooms, and guests get sunburned in just the short 30 minutes it takes for the ceremony to be over, and for the rest of the day, they are sporting pink cheeks and red noses. What a bummer for family photos!

Often times, you can’t help but squint in the bright sun, so the ceremony photos are not as epic as they could be. 

Tips for avoiding sun problems on your wedding day:

  • Consider a foundation with SPF to protect you from harsh UV rays.
  • Consider having a ceremony that is close to sunset, and avoid the middle of the day sun (but still leave at least an hour for family photos and a sunset bride and groom photo session!).

To Veil or Not To Veil?

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As wedding photographers, we love wedding veils. But how does that work with your beach wedding? The short answer, not always well.

Sometimes, the veil can just rip at the back of your head on windy beach days. If you have a long veil with elaborate beading, consider it a kite that is attached to your head. Or, it may drag across the sand catching all sorts of seaweed and debris.

But there are certainly ways to make sure your veil will work for you:

  • Try opting for a shorter or super sheer veil that won’t catch the wind.
  • Consider only wearing the veil for formal portraits or your first look with your hubby.
  • Skip the veil and opt for an amazing floral headpiece.

Thinking of Having Your Own Beach Wedding?

I get it – there’s nothing more romantic than a Florida wedding. And as a wedding photographer for over 12 years, I’m here to make sure you get amazing wedding photos and your day goes off without a hitch. Let’s talk!