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Romantic John’s Island Wedding

Genesis and Tyler


I hope you enjoy a heartwarming story of Genesis and Tyler’s special day—a tale that’s as sweet as high school romance and as unpredictable as Florida weather. Their intimate wedding day filled with love, laughter, and a little bit of rain. Get ready to meet a couple whose connection began in middle school and blossomed into a forever love. My favorite kind of love story!

A Dream Venue: John’s Island Club

Imagine a luxurious country club venue with pristine golf courses, stunning beach views, and architecture that takes your breath away. That’s where Genesis and Tyler’s wedding unfolded. With around 50 of their nearest and dearest in attendance, John’s Island Club Golf and Beach in Indian River Shores provided the perfect backdrop for their intimate celebration. It’s the kind of place dreams are made of.

Their Story: From Schoolmates to Soulmates

Their love story started way back in middle school, and believe it or not, they’re high school sweethearts! Their journey from friends to lovers began in their junior year of high school. Tyler held a special place in Genesis’s heart, being the first boy she felt completely comfortable introducing to her family. Those early days were marked by long conversations that stretched into the night, as they eagerly unraveled each other’s stories. It was the kind of connection that set the foundation for something beautiful.

Distance might make the heart grow fonder, but it’s not always a cakewalk. Genesis and Tyler proved that love can withstand anything. They tackled two years of long-distance dating, and if anything, it made them even stronger. They united under one roof when they finally got to attend the same college, and their bond deepened. It was clear from the beginning that Tyler was the one, and their journey only confirmed it.

Their Wedding Day: When Rain Meets Love

Oh, Florida, you unpredictable thing! What started as a sunny summer day quickly turned into a rain-soaked affair. But hey, love knows no weather forecast, right? Genesis and Tyler had to pivot their plans and move their beach ceremony indoors. And guess what? It was just as stunning, if not more. The grand ballroom transformed into a magical space filled with love and laughter.

As if scripted by fate, the sun peeked out just when Genesis and Tyler dashed outside for their beach bride and groom portraits. It’s like the universe wanted to gift them a special moment, one that mirrored their journey. Sometimes, the most beautiful things happen when we least expect them.

Genesis and Tyler’s wedding day is a testament to the power of love and the magic of unexpected moments. From their high school beginnings to weathering the storms of distance, their love story is inspiring and heartwarming. With friends and family by their side, they celebrated their commitment in a venue that felt like a dream. And when rain threatened to dampen their spirits, they stood strong, embracing the unexpected and finding beauty even in the downpour. Here’s to Genesis and Tyler, a couple whose love shines through any weather, proving that a little rain can’t dim the radiance of their forever love. Cheers to a lifetime of sunny days and endless laughter! 🌧️🌞💕

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Photography & Videography | Ardensea
Venue | John’s Island Golf and Beach Club
Florals | Hutchinson’s Floral Artistry
Hair & Makeup | Refeyance
Live Painter | Event Painting by Jamie
Wedding Dress | Anthropologie
Tux | Banana Republic
Bridal Shoes | Steve Madden

August 15, 2023

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