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Pakistani Wedding at the Florida Hotel

at Florida Hotel and Conference Center


Luxurious Pakistani Wedding

Featuring the Florida Hotel and Conference Center and the Cocoa Cola Orlando Eye

Maliha and Fuad had a beautiful 2-Day mehndi and wedding ceremony,  in their traditional Pakistani culture. Talk about luxurious! This elegant celebration took place at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center in Orlando Florida and features the couple soaring high on the Orlando Eye – a whopping 400 ft tall giant Ferris wheel! It doesn’t get any more exciting that that!

The Pakistani wedding culture is truly amazing to experience. The celebrations are unbelievably enchanting. The fabrics drip in gold ornaments and everyone, including the vendors (me included), danced until the early morning. It was a huge party and I felt so privileged to be a part of it. You may remember Maliha and Fuad from there Mehndi Pre-Wedding Ceremony that was featured earlier this year.

Maliha’s wedding dress was a gorgeous Maroon and gold velvet gown. I’d never seen anything so glamourous. Their wedding day started with getting ready in their suite at the Florida Hotel, followed by a very sweet first look and off to the Orlando eye we went!

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Orlando Eye Pakistani Wedding Photography
Orlando Eye Pakistani Wedding Photography
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Venue: Florida Hotel & Conference Center

December 29, 2017
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Hello, from the Ardensea Blog! I'm Jackie Watson, owner and wedding photographer based in beautiful South Florida. I hope you find this space a great resource to find all the resources you need to plan the perfect wedding, view my work, and see if we're the perfect fit for your own special day.

  1. Sarah Furtkamp Holladay

    What an absolutely stunning Pakistani wedding! The details, ornate jewlery, vibrant colors and customs are so exquisit! Do you shoot many mehndi and wedding ceremony events? Orlando is lucky to have you as a wedding photographer!

  2. Kristin Duncan

    How gorgeous are all the details you captured!! What a stunning wedding, and such beautiful photos! You’re an amazing Orlando wedding photographer!

  3. Jan Freire

    Thank You for sharing! I never did a pakistani wedding! It reminds me Indian wedding tho

  4. Archana Pinnapureddy

    What a gorgeous Pakistani wedding! I love the color and vibrance of South Asian weddings, though I have only been to Indian weddings vs. Pakistani. I see lots of similarities, but a few differences in attire. The pictures are stunning. I love the dancing and candid shots.

  5. Kyla Matton Osborne

    What gorgeous wedding photos! You did such a wonderful job of showing the opulence and the care taken to dress the bride and groom for the occasion. But I also loved that you captured the bride smiling with her groom, obviously very happy on her wedding day. And the pictures of the dancing were great fun to look at as well 🙂

  6. Amy K

    oh my stars! This was simply amazing! I’ve never seen anything so decadent and luxurious! Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Alyssa Carole Bouma

    oh my goodness. the rich colors you captured at this pakistani wedding are just gorgeous! i had to look through all the photos twice!

  8. Natasha

    I literally got goosebumps looking at the photos in the post. You are a true artist, my dear!

  9. Stevie Ferreira

    Your detail shots are on POINT!! I love every single one of them. You did such an amazing job of capturing this beautiful pakistani wedding!!!

  10. Teri Pozniak

    What a beautiful Pakistani wedding! The jewelry and wardrobe are so intricate and detailed, and I love the color of her outfit. You are one of the best Orlando wedding photographers I’ve seen!

  11. Mimi At Lnf

    These pictures are gorgeous. Love all the details. Looks incredibly beautiful.

  12. Francisca Garreton

    What an incredible Pakistani wedding in Orlando! I love how you tell the story of the day. I love all the colours and action compared to western weddings.
    Fran Jorgensen

  13. Ashley Fischietto

    From picture #1 you had me hooked! The bright colors, the gorgeous attire, the intricate details… WOW! And they looked like they had an absolute blast as well! Congrats on a beautiful set of photos.

  14. Donna Beck

    Oh my gosh, I am obsessed with this Pakistani wedding! It’s gorgeous…all the details and color, you did an amazing job. I wish I lived closer to Orlando, I would love you to be our wedding photographer too!

  15. Sarah Michele Photography

    Oh my gosh I knew that you were an incredible orlando wedding photographer, but this pakistani ceremony puts you over the top! This is beautiful, the way you captured the details fantastic!

  16. Cara Elizabeth

    Oh wow you captured the details of this pakistani wedding so perfectly! What a wonderful day!!

  17. Sarah Katherine Davis

    This wedding is gorgeous! I am really loving all the beading and details in her Pakistani wedding dress. You did an amazing job capturing this Orlando wedding!

  18. Mercedes

    Wow! What a fun celebration! We don’t often get to see a Pakistani wedding here in the US I think. The details are so lush and beautiful. They look like such a happy couple together and the portraits of them together are just lovely. Orlando is fortunate to have such a wonderful wedding photographer!

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