Maliha & Fuad | Mehndi

Florida Hotel and Conference Center

An Orlando Pakistani Mehndi Celebration!

I’ve been so excited to share this grand celebration. Maliha and Fuad had a beautiful Mehndi pre-wedding ceremony in their traditional Pakistani culture. This was such a special and exciting ceremony for me because I have known Maliha since way back in elementary school! Being able to capture such different wedding customs was truly amazing!

Pre-Wedding Venue & Decor

The ceremony was held at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center in Orlando’s Florida Mall. The decor was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, with stunning colors, drapes, and accents decorating the entire ballroom and Pakistani Mehndi stage!

The Mehndi & Ubtan

The Mehndi ceremony consisted of Maliha’s grand entrance cloaked under her dupatta. I then observed the family’s Ubtan ceremony and the gift and money exchange. Maliha was decorated in yellow and red flowers as mehndi and oil on leaves was applied to her and groom’s hands, while family members feed them mithai. I was able to steal Maliha and Fuad away for a quick couples session, which was followed by MUCH dancing and celebrating! I was even lucky enough to taste several traditional Pakistani dishes that were of course, delicious.

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Venue: Florida Hotel and Conference Center
Photographer: Ardensea


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