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Modern Beach Wedding at Costa d’Este

Gabby & Matt


Discover the enchanting beachside wedding of Gabby and Matt at Costa D'Este Resort and Spa in Vero Beach, Florida. Despite a forecast of rain, their love kept the skies clear for a stunning ceremony.

Grab your sunglasses and get ready for a tale of love that defied the forecasted rain! Gabby and Matt’s beachside wedding at the fabulous Costa D’Este Resort and Spa in Vero Beach, Florida was an absolute blast. From keeping the skies clear to a reception fit for a king and queen, let’s dive into all the fun and fabulous details of their special day.

Picture this: Gabby, glowing like a summer sunbeam, strolling down a sandy aisle while the ocean breeze whispered its blessings. It was the perfect setting for their heartfelt vows. And guess what? Despite what the weatherman said, not a drop of rain fell! Love truly has superpowers, doesn’t it?

Once the vows were exchanged, it was time to party like there’s no tomorrow! The Crystal Ballroom at Costa D’Este Resort and Spa turned into a wonderland of glitz and glam. Picture pink and purple uplighting that transformed the room into a fairytale dream. It was like stepping into a romantic movie scene, but with a real-life love story.

Get ready for some serious goosebumps! Gabby and Matt’s first dance was nothing short of magical. As they twirled and swayed, a cloud of dry ice created an otherworldly mist beneath their feet. It was like they were floating on air, radiating pure love with every step. Talk about a dancefloor that took everyone’s breath away!

The night was an absolute blast, my friends! Laughter echoed, joy filled the air, and the Crystal Ballroom was alive with dancing feet and contagious energy. Friends and family joined forces to create memories that will be talked about for years to come. Who needs a time machine when you have such an epic celebration?

Gabby and Matt’s wedding at Costa D’Este Resort and Spa was the stuff of legends, folks. Their love not only defied the weather forecast but also created an atmosphere of pure magic and joy. From the sun-shining ceremony to the enchanting first dance and all the unforgettable moments in between, their day was a rollercoaster of love and laughter.

As we bid farewell to this love-filled adventure, let’s raise our glasses and toast to Gabby and Matt, the masters of defying the odds. May their love continue shining brighter than the Florida sun, and may their wedding day be remembered as a fantastic celebration of love, laughter, and a little touch of magic!

Cheers to the happy couple, and here’s to a lifetime of amazing adventures together!

June 3, 2023

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