Jodi & Corin

Costa d'Este Resort & Spa

Jodi and Corin had a beautifully intimate wedding day celebration at Costa D’Este Resort and Spa in Vero Beach, Florida. Corin works as a tattoo artist and Jodi is actually a previous employee of her venue!  She worked at Costa d’ Este as a bartender for several years. As you can imagine, the atmosphere between family, friends, and past co-workers made for an amazingly fun evening for all.

Notes From the Bride

How Did You Meet?

Corin and I worked together and were good friends years ago, back in our home state of Pennsylvania. We went our separate ways, I had two children and moved to Florida, and he got married and had two children. Fast forward several years – we had both split up with our respective partners and we reconnected on one of my trips home to Pennsylvania. We immediately knew we wanted to be together, but lived 1,200 miles apart! About 7 months later he moved here to Vero Beach so we could be together. Now we are one big happy blended family with 4 kids under the age of 9! Time to make it official!

Why Costa D’Este?

I still have many friends who work there, and it’s our favorite place in Vero. We knew immediately that we wanted to get married there!

Wedding Day Vendors:

Photography: Ardensea
Wedding Coordinator: Ashlie Tibbetts
DJ: Jay Barwick
Hair Stylist: Nicole Mays, BoHo House Salon
Dress: DB Studio – Soft Floral Lace Sheath Gown with Blush Lining