Best Detail Shots for Your Wedding Day

When it comes to planning out your wedding photography, consider the little details that have a surprisingly big impact. See which shots are absolute must-haves on your wedding day.

The little details can make a big impact.

When you are planning your wedding photography timeline, it’s easy to see the big picture. One thing you may have skimmed over on the priority list is detail wedding shots. You may not even think that the wedding details are even that important.

Your photographer will understand that you have put countless hours into planning and accessorizing every moment of your day. Because of this, setting aside time to photograph these special delicacies should be a must on your checklist.

Here is a list of a few must-have detail shots that are sure to showcase your unique wedding story.

The Rings

wedding bouquet detail photography in vero beach

Your wedding ring is basically the central focus of your wedding ceremony. That being said, you will want to make sure your rings are conveniently accessible by your photographer. Most times, it’s best to have the rings in possession with the bride, and can be quickly checked off during “getting ready” time. A good second option is to make sure you hand them over during your reception, so they can be photographed while you and your guests enjoy dinner.

The Hands

Groom Getting Ready Wedding Photography Vero Beach 

Your hands tell much more of a story than you probably think during your wedding day. A good manicure is a must for more reasons than one. Not only will you be flashing your ring throughout the night, but your hands will surprisingly be a very visual indication on your emotions throughout your day. You may find that before your ceremony, your hands and fingers are fidgeting, twisting, and pulling as your nervousness and anxiety rises.

The Shoes

treasure coast wedding photography detail

This one is for the ladies, without a doubt. And since you likely spent quite a long time looking high and low for the perfect pair of wedding shoes, they deserve a spot in your wedding gallery as well, don’t you think?


The Dress

Detail Wedding Photographer Treasure Coast

Now this just goes without saying, because we all know it’s all about the dress. You will want to see that gorgeous gown hanging from the hanger as a reminder of pure joy, excitement, and nervousness all wrapped up in one. Not only that, but you will want to remember the exquisite details that made you fall in love with it in the first place. Whether it’s a delicate lace pattern or a sexy corset back, it makes the cut as a must have detail shot for sure.

The Bouquet and Florals

Detail Wedding Photography Ideas

Not only are wedding flowers simply gorgeous, but they also ain’t cheap! And unlike your dress and your shoes, flowers don’t last forever. This is why they also get a special spot in your wedding album.

The Cake

Creative Wedding Cakes in Florida

Wedding cakes are usually as delicious as they are beautiful! Having a few great shots of the cake will help you remember after it’s all gobbled up.

The Jewelry, Garter, and Accessories

Must Have Detail Wedding Shots

Whether it’s something borrowed or something blue, your wedding jewels, accessories, hairpieces, and even your groom’s cufflinks all, play a memorable role in your big day. Make sure you put your items on slowly so your photographer can capture these simple moments as well.

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