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Jackie is my name,

love stories

are my game.

My Meyers-Briggs personality assessment tells me that I am a people-centered creator with a contagious enthusiasm for new ideas, people and activities. Energetic, warm, and passionate, people that are ENFP like me love to help other people explore their creative potential. And it’s so true! What makes me a great wedding photographer and human is that I truly love connecting with others and helping them feel amazing.

My career has been an amazing journey to lead me to the place where I am today. From sailing the seas (that’s right, I am a Navy Vet!) to navigating through full-time wedding photography, I’ve gained a life’s worth of experiences and memories to make me grateful for what I have and headstrong for where I am going.

Home Base

Vero Beach, FL

Current Obsession

My Peloton

Secret Talent


Craziest Job

Being a mom!

why I do
what I do

When I was 14 years old, I looked through the lens of a 35mm film camera and my life changed forever. Now here I am – 19 years later – capturing love stories that my couples cherish for their whole lives.

Why do I do this job? Because when you see your wedding photos for the first time – the feeling you get that brings you to happy tears – that feeling is the most rewarding thing in the world!

Personality Type


  • Extraverted 68% 68%
  • Intuative 67% 67%
  • Feeling 55% 55%
  • Perciving 59% 59%

Getting Personal

I’m working on a love story of my own

I currently reside in sunny South Florida with the love of my life, Michael, our sweet newborn son Mikey, and my rescue fur babies, Eli and Delilah. We’re getting married next year and celebrating our lives in our brand new home as new parents!

We met in the Navy (that’s right – I’m a vet!), and were inseparable since the day we met way back in 2012. It’s actually a pretty cheesy story!

We’ve been so lucky to spend past years going on countless adventures all over the world – from Ireland to Greece, to Spain, to Turkey. We’re diving into our next and biggest adventure yet – MARRIAGE!

You may or may not see Michael tagging along with me during our weddings and engagement photo sessions! He loves to be an extra hand and help be my wedding day co-captain.


As seen on:



1. Vintage Camera Obsessed

I have a pretty big vintage film camera collection. Give me ALL the goodies!

2. I’m left handed

Maybe that’s why I am so creative!

3. I was a Fire Controlman Second Class (FC2) in the US Navy.

And yes, I spent a lot of time swabbing the deck.

4. I’m biracial – and i love that!

My mom is white, my dad is black. That makes me one awesome combination of both!

5. I am a Karaoke superstar!

Give me a mic! But first – maybe a shot.

5. I’m an empath – big time

Being a natural empath means I FEEL what you’re feeling. I pick up on your vibes hardcore, and I am always in tune to the people around me. Sometimes that’s amazing, sometimes it’s heart wrenching.

about ardensea jackie